Hundreds of fish die in Ravine Lake

Published: Jul. 30, 2016 at 5:51 PM CDT
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Some might say fish in Huron aren’t doing swimmingly.

Hundreds of fish have died, all due to low oxygen levels at Ravine Lake.

Earlier this week, three truckloads of dead fish were pulled out of the water.

The lake was also closed to swimmers just days before the Ravine Lake Triathlon.

Organizers of the Ravine Lake Triathlon had to put the pedal to the metal this week after they found out the swimming portion of their event was going to have to be cancelled.

The event planners found out two days before the race that triathlon participants wouldn't be able to swim in Saturday’s event.

Kim Rieger planned and participated in the race.

She says the water has been tested and it’s safe for swimming, but after she went to the lake Thursday night to get the course ready, organizers decided to not include the swim.

“There were lots of fish floating belly up and a very strong smell and you could see the fish from shore. It really wouldn't have been any fun for swimmers to swim with dead fish,” she explained.

Officials with Game Fish and Parks say the fish were killed by low oxygen levels caused from hot temperatures, lack of wind and an algae bloom in the lake.

GFP says this isn't the first time this has happened at Ravine Lake. It has happened many times, but it’s been a decade since low oxygen levels killed this many fish at once.

At this point, GFP officials can’t say when the fish will stop dying.

Mostly carp and bull heads are being killed.

Official says they do plan on restocking the lake at a later date with other fish anglers prefer to catch.