Huron mayor says COVID-19 doesn't discriminate

HURON, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - Huron Mayor Paul Aylward issued a statement Tuesday, following the confirmation of more than a dozen coronavirus cases in Huron and Beadle County.

The state says 13 people in Beadle County have tested positive for COVID-19.

Aylward says the South Dakota Department of Health verified that all of the cases in the county involve Caucasian people.

Aylward's statement is below:

Huron is made up of a diverse community, with over twenty-five percent of our population being from a different ethnicity. As the City of Huron has always welcomed our diverse community, we as community leaders continue to work with our different ethnic associations to manage the COVID-19 pandemic we all are facing. We as a community are in this battle together and are working with our neighbors who are battling this pandemic. This pandemic does not discriminate against anyone. The South Dakota Department of Health verified to city officials all the positive COVID-19 cases in Beadle County are Caucasian. We as a community are in this battle together. We need to work together as a community, neighbor helping neighbor. We want to remind our citizens of social distancing and following the guidance from your elected officials and Center for Disease Control, as we all deal with this pandemic.