Intersections and parking lot entrances blocked off after streets are plowed

Published: Dec. 2, 2019 at 7:42 PM CST
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Plow drivers faced a tall order this past weekend in many parts of the state.

In Aberdeen they did what they could to quickly clear roads, but much of that snow built up at intersections and parking lot entrances. Blocking them off.

"The amount of snow that we received in this particular snow fall is the equivalent of what we got over three snow falls last year between November 1st, and December 31st," Robin Bobzien, the Aberdeen City Engineer said.

More than 16 inches of snow fell in the city of Aberdeen this past weekend.

"A lot of snow came down all at once and that was something I was not prepared for at all," Marisa Hutchinson-Vargas, an Aberdeen driver said.

Plow drivers quickly went to work clearing roads.

"On Saturday we had the operators out basically all day, and then on Sunday morning they started at 4 a.m, which is our normal starting time for snow emergency," Bobzien said.

As they cleared the roads, snow was being pushed off to the side, often times piling up at those intersections and parking lot entrances.

"It slides off the moldboard, off to the side of the plow, and where it goes is any open areas, so driveways or things of that nature are more susceptible, on the first snow it goes every place," Bobzien said.

"There's no working around it, if you're going to try and go through, even how much snow is here right now, I would get stuck, so what do you do? You get stuck if you have a small car," Hutchinson-Vargas said.

Causing frustration for drivers with smaller vehicles.

"There was a lot of snow so it wasn't very easy to get anywhere," Hutchinson-Vargas​ said.

There are plow truck drivers that come through after the initial truck, and clear any excess snow.

"The truck plows are not right behind the motor graders. It's not perfect, but it is what we try to do to try and improve so vehicles aren't going through a lot of those, but it takes time too ," Bobzien said.

Some people hope the intersections can be cleared more quickly, but they understand plow drivers are committed to clearing the roads as soon as possible.

"If you need to go somewhere, and you have work or class, there's no waiting, you can't just put that off, you got to go and you can't really because you're stuck," Hutchinson-Vargas said.

Many of those blocked off intersections and parking lots are now clear this evening.

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