Johnson, Thune, Rounds applaud new U.S. poultry agreement with China

Image Source: MGN
Image Source: MGN(KALB)
Published: Nov. 20, 2019 at 11:16 PM CST
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A partial breakthrough in the on-going trade dispute with China.

That country has now agreed to once again allow U-S poultry products to be sold in the country ending a five year ban following an outbreak of Avian Flu in 2014.

U-S trade representatives say this development could lead to $1 billion in U-S poultry exports to China over the next year.

The news of the poultry market breakthrough is a good sign for the nation and South Dakota.

"South Dakota has 4.3 million turkeys. That's more than 5 turkeys for every South Dakotan." Congressman Dusty Johnson tells us the news of this breakthrough may provide the forward motion necessary to bring the long standing trade war with China to an end. "We need more good news and this particular poultry announcement is good news. It's going to add another billion dollars to our nation's gross domestic product. That is the kind of economic progress we want to be making as we roll into 2020."

"I think our producers in South Dakota are very encouraged by that. I hope it leads to more opening when it comes to China and other agricultural products as well." Senator John Thune agrees and believes that since this agreement involves agricultural products it's not out of the realm of reason to think other developments involving the farm sector may be on the horizon. "I'm hoping that poultry is a baby step in the right direction and that what will follow on from that are additional announcements about opening up the Chinese market."

"China is a market we really need to come back in." Senator Mike Rounds tells us if there is a next step involving greater U-S Ag exports to China that it may involve hogs. "Pork production and then pork sales to China as well. That hasn't come about yet but we're hoping that may be another indication of some thawing of the relationship between China and the United States."

Senator Rounds may be right on that and here's why: China's pork industry has been devastated by an outbreak of African Swine Fever. Right now estimates are that 200 million hogs in China have either died or had to be slaughtered because of the disease.

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