KSFY Media Camp: High school students learn how to be a reporter

Published: Jun. 12, 2019 at 6:34 PM CDT
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Nine high school students now have a sponsor for their media camp newscasts that will air Friday.

The campers pitched to CorTrust Bank who will give the money directly to the Washington Pavilion.

The students also went to the pavilion to find stories for their newscasts. They learned how to use a camera and interview people.

They say they're enjoying the opportunities this week-long camp is giving them.

"I'm actually hoping that possibly this opens up a career opportunity for me, that if I were to go back to KSFY and say hey I was in media camp I'd like to do an internship or something," said Caden East, a KSFY Media Camp meteorologist.

KSFY currently has a college intern that was once a part of media camp.

Thursday, the high school students will learn how to write and edit their stories from the Washington Pavilion.