Keeping students safe during the school year

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - More than 50 buses will be hitting the road Thursday morning to pick up kids for school.

But before they do that they have to do several safety procedures.

"We work all summer long, we repair the busses, clean the busses, make sure they are ready to go for the next school year," said Kevin Hansen, School Bus Inc. safety director.

School Bus Inc. is also adding cameras inside some of the newer models to make sure students are obeying safety rules. Kids should make sure they are always visible of the driver, stay seated while the bus is in motion, and not stick their hands out the window.

But the most important thing drivers do is the summer and daily inspections.

"So, every morning when I come up to this door here I say a little prayer for the kids," said Arthur Degelder, School Bus Inc. driver. "And then I do my round outside, I do my round inside. And you do that because of the relationship you have with the kids. You want them to be safe."

Drivers should remember that when the amber lights are on and the stop arm is out to stay back 20 feet from the school bus.

The State of South Dakota has drivers train every five years both in the classroom and on the road. Learning first aid, bus safety, and passenger maintenance. On the road training consists of keeping the bus maintained.

School Bus Inc. is also still looking for drivers for this coming year - they still have roughly fourteen openings.