Keeping your information safe on dating sites

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (Dakota News Now) - It's Valentine's Day, a holiday commonly associated with couples but it is a big day for singles as well, singles who will probably be using a dating app of some kind.

Photo: Pixabay

Online dating has become an increasingly prevalent way for people to meet over the past five years, especially in the week of Valentine's Day.

eHarmony reported over 40 million Americans now use dating apps, and according to Hinge, there is an uptick of 35 percent more arranged dates on Valentine's Day.

The increased traffic on such sites has led to more scam accounts stealing profiles to swindle legitimate users out of their cash. says that one in ten accounts on dating sites are scam accounts. The best ways to fight back include researching an account by goggle searching images to check validity.

Keep conversations on the app, where the company will file them instead of texting on a personal number. If you do meet in person, find a very public location and tell a friend where you are going and who you are meeting.

Such precautions are necessary since scam accounts have grown quite sophisticated --

“Well these scam labs are located all over the world, and they're very sophisticated marketers, and very sophisticated psychological techniques, one of the things they'll do is a gullibility test, they'll send you a picture and say, 'click on this picture and see what happens next,' and it will be something like a girl on a surfboard with a shark behind her, and when you click on it, nothing happens and so you type back nothing happens, that's a test, so those are some of the things you might want to watch out for when you're looking at these sites,” says Suite Network CEO Jeffrey Hayzlett.

All of this may sound like common sense but when you're dealing with matters of the heart, it might be easy to fall headlong into a relationship that's dangerous to you.