LPN courses to start in Huron in January

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As more and more rural areas struggle to keep important medical positions filled, the need for educational programs in smaller towns becomes more important.

Starting in January, students will be able to attend a year long Licensed Practical Nursing Program at the Southeast Technical Institute Huron Campus.

It's the latest addition to the Registered Nursing Program already offered at the school.

"The skill sets of nursing, whether it's LPN or RN's is invaluable to rural people," said David Dick, President/CEO of Huron Regional Medical Center.

There are many rural communities across the state in need of more medical professionals, specifically Nurses.

"We have found that in a lot of the rural area, the students can't leave those areas to come to school," said Kristin Possehl, The Dean of Nursing at Southeast Technical Institute.

Many staff members at Southeast Technical Institute have heard of people not being able to pursue their dreams because of limited opportunities close to home.

"By being able to offer it here in Huron, students from, say even further west can come here for their LPN education without having to drive to one of the other LPN programs in the state," Possehl said.

Kris Tebay recognized the shortage of Nurses while working in the industry.

"I can really appreciate that we'll take those LPN's, and we'll grow them here," Tebay said.

She is now an instructor at the school, and thinks this will help keep people staying in Huron long after they graduate.

"It's really hard to recruit people, if you're not from Huron, it's really hard to get people back into our community," said Tebay.

Even some current students wish they could go back and go through the LPN Program before the RN Program.

"It's nice to have that transition from LPN to RN, you've already familiarized yourself with classroom activities, and being in the hospital," said Nicole Hofer, current RN student.

Although the former students can't go back in time, they think the future is bright for incoming students.

"LPN's do not get enough credit so coming here is a great start," Tim Tilberg, current RN Student.

Students from all over the state have been enrolling in the Registered Nursing Program, more of the same is expected for the LPN Program.

The Practical Nursing Program is a total of 48 credits hours, which includes the required prerequisites.