Lake Kampeska resident preparing for flooding again

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Preparing for flooding is nothing new if you live on Lake Kampeska.

"The lake is extremely high due to a lot of rainfall all season," said Ruth Kline, a homeowner on Lake Kampeska.

Kline's home has flooded in the past. This year she was taking no chances. She called Watertown Mayor Sarah Caron, who set up volunteers to come put sandbags up for her.

"They just came and laid out all the sandbags, and had to run back and get more, and they were just wonderful," Kline said.

There are supplies for people to fill sandbags at "Sailboat Landing."

"The sandbags just keep my yard from washing out," Kline said.

There are some people taking more long-term measures.

Bob Waite and his wife have lived on Lake Kampeska for the past thirty years. This year, Bob is building a two-foot-high wall around his patio, just in case the water reaches that high.

"When it gets high, we can sandbag just a small portion instead of having to come in with a thousand sandbags," said Bob Waite, a homeowner on Lake Kampeska,"

Waite has been wanting to find permanent solutions for a while, but the amount of water this year has prevented him from doing that.

"The water is too high, we're still 30 to 32 inches above full here so we can't get down to put a sea wall in," Waite said.

Waite hopes this barrier will help him get through any flooding that may come.

Kline is just looking forward to fall weather that she can actually enjoy.

"I'm hoping that we have a really, really dry fall, that it quits raining, and that the lake level can go down," said Kline.

The Codington County Emergency Management team will continue to monitor potential flooding and continue to keep people informed.