Lawmakers seek stronger action against fatal deer disease

Published: Jan. 27, 2019 at 3:54 PM CST
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Some lawmakers want to crack down on deer farms as concern grows about chronic wasting disease among wild deer in a pocket of southeastern Minnesota.

They point to neighboring Wisconsin, where the fatal brain disease is well-established, as an example of what could happen if Minnesota fails to take more aggressive action soon.

Rep. Jamie Becker-Finn has introduced a bill to require 10-foot-high double fencing around commercial deer and elk farms to protect wild deer. The Roseville Democrat says she also plans to introduce a sure-to-be controversial measure to allow authorities to kill off infected captive herds.

Becker-Finn says this is a disease outbreak and it needs to be fought on multiple fronts.

While chronic wasting disease hasn't been shown to infect humans, health officials warn against eating infected animals.

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