Lincoln Co. Sheriff's Office looking for new 'recruits' for Citizens Academy

Published: Aug. 2, 2018 at 10:32 PM CDT
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The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is looking for a few more recruits to fill up its second annual citizens academy.

"We were looking for new ways and better ways to connect with the community and get our deputies involved in the community more," said Dep. EJ Colshan.

To do that, an academy just made sense, Colshan said.

"We're really proud of our department and we want to show people our department and what we all have to offer," said Colshan.

Even though three hours one night a week, for 10 weeks seems like a big commitment, learning the inner workings of law enforcement in your community and building those relationships with them, is worth it, Colshan said.

"We do a defensive tactics week and that's combined with taser, so we let people shoot a taser and we teach them some defensive tactic moves to help keep them safe if they're out on a walk," he said.

Citizens will get to take part in a variety of different hands-on activities, including fingerprinting in the crime lab, A.L.I.C.E. training and much more.

"A nd another one, probably my favorite, are our mock traffic stops," Colshan said. "We actually have a bad guy in a suspect vehicle and we allow a participant to pull them over and go through a scenario of a traffic stop."

And participants will get to see all sides of how the sheriff's office operates ...

"They actually get come down to Canton and sit in the communications room and pretty much shadow a dispatcher and learn all the different multi-tasking things a dispatchers do," Colshan said. "It's really amazing if you've never been in a dispatch center to see that first-hand."

At the end of the 10 weeks -- you won't be a certified law enforcement officer, but you still get to graduate -- and hopefully have lasting relationships with the deputies who taught the course, something Colshan said is the most important part.

"We work for them. A lot of the deputies work and live in this community and we want it to be safe. We want to walk into a convenience store to grab a coffee and have someone come up and say, "'Oh hey, EJ, good to see you again.'"

All the details on the requirements and how to apply can be found under "Related Links."