Lincoln County Deputy's act of kindness caught on camera

Published: Oct. 28, 2019 at 11:18 AM CDT
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A deputy’s job isn't always about enforcing the law, writing tickets, and arresting people. Friday a picture was taken of a Lincoln County Deputy helping a young man tie his tie since he didn't know-how.

Now that picture has turned into a spectacle online. Deputy Lowell Nelson is the first person people see when they walk through the doors at the Lincoln County Courthouse.

Being from Canton and spending nearly 13 years at the courthouse you can say he's somewhat of a well-known person. Especially now after people saw the picture of him helping the man on around Facebook.

"He was on his way to court I believe and he had a tie. He said you wouldn't happen to know anybody who could tie a tie and I thought well I think I can do it," Deputy Lowell Nelson said with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department.

Never seeing the young man before he took a shot at it not knowing Jeanne Oakland was peeping through a door capturing the moment on her phone.

"I just got to work and I walked out and I see this going on. The kid was kind of nervous and he was all dressed up. Then I saw he had this tie," Oakland said.

He didn't exactly know how to tie it.

"So Lowell came around and helped him and I was like I have to capture this moment," Oakland said.

"It kind of showed me that he cared how he appeared in court and he was being more respectful which you don't always see," Deputy Nelson said.

The picture has now turned into a bigger deal than Lowell thought possible. He said it was such a small gesture that went a long way. Now he's surprised at the response.

"We’re showing people that we're all people too. You can do the job in law enforcement and still treat people with respect," Deputy Nelson said.

Lowell said his job is the perfect job for anyone who likes people. He tries to strike up a conversation with everyone who walks through the door.


The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office received a picture of one of their deputy's showing an act of kindness on Friday.

The Facebook post says a young man came into the Lincoln County Courthouse wanting to dress nicely for court when he needed help tieing his tie. The post says the young man didn't know-how.

Just his luck, he came across Deputy Lowell Nelson who graciously helped him tie it.

"This job isn’t always about enforcing laws, writing tickets or arresting people. Sometimes it’s the little gestures like this that make the biggest difference," the Facebook post says.