List: Several new laws to take effect in South Dakota July 1

Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 2:14 PM CDT
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Several laws passed by the South Dakota Legislature earlier this year are set to take effect on Wednesday, July 1.

Those laws include:

No texting while driving

Drivers in South Dakota will no longer be able to use mobile electronic devices, including cell phones, for texting or other purposes while they drive. The new law allows drivers to hold the phone to their ear to talk, but any data entry other than putting the contact number into the device must be done under a hands-free mode. (


Hunting and fishing stamps

A law requires anyone over 18 who wants to apply for certain hunting, fishing, or furbearer licenses in South Dakota to first obtain a hunting stamp from the Game, Fish, and Parks Department. It aims to raise money to support wildlife habitats. (


Voter registration change

People will be able to register to vote using a non-driver's license identification number to vote. In addition, a person's birth date listed on voter registration will no longer be public record. (


TANF ban for some felons lifted

Anyone convicted of a felony in South Dakota currently has a lifetime ban on applying for the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, also known as TANF. A new law lifts that lifetime ban for people convicted on drug felonies. (


Occupational licensing reforms

The South Dakota Legislature passed several bills aimed at streamlining the licensing process for several occupations in the state. The jobs impacted include cosmetology, barbering, some insurance plan administrators, and several technical professions.

Industrial hemp

The state must submit a hemp regulation plan to the United States Department of Agriculture. While the legislature passed a law legalizing the growing of industrial hemp, the state is required to develop a hemp management plan that needs approval from the USDA, per Gov. Kristi Noem's "guideposts" for legalizing hemp production. The approval process is expected to take at least two months. (


Funeral procession law

The legislature passed a law making it a Class 2 misdemeanor to disrupt funeral processions in a number of ways, including driving between the vehicles in a procession, passing a procession on a two-lane road, or entering an intersection when a funeral procession is going through red lights.

Changes to move over law

If a driver fails to move over and causes a crash with an emergency vehicle, the offense is upgraded to a Class 1 misdemeanor. In addition, the minimum penalty for violating the state's move over law (requiring drivers to move over for emergency vehicles) is increased from $122.50 to $270.

Recording without consent

Anyone convicted of of recording or disseminating sexually explicit photos or videos taken without consent must register with the South Dakota sex offender registry.

Marriage licenses

The deadline to get marriage licenses deemed legally valid is extended from 20 to 90 days.

Tribal IDs

Tribal IDs are now a valid form of identification in all South Dakota businesses.

Agricultural land assessments

If county officials adjust the value of agricultural land based on a new assessment, the county must document those adjustments. Documentation was previously optional. (


State paid family leave

State employees will be provided with 60% of their normal salary for up to 8 weeks when they welcome a new child through birth or adoption. This benefit does not set a mandate on private businesses or local governments.

Intern protections

Interns in South Dakota now have the same state law protections as employees, including protection from discriminatory practices.

Note: A law tightening driver's license registration guidelines for teen drivers was scheduled to take effect July 1, but Gov. Noem delayed the implementation due to exam station problems caused by COVID-19.



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