Local pharmacy prevents fraud, theft

Published: Jan. 12, 2017 at 10:39 PM CST
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A 24-year-old Sioux Falls woman was arrested in early January at a 26th Street and Sycamore Avenue pharmacy after she posed as a nurse to get prescription opioid drugs. KSFY News caught up with another pharmacy's owner to find out how he prevents things like that to ensure drugs stay out of the wrong hands.

"It's definitely a big concern, it sure is. That's why I put security measures in place when I open my store," Dan's Drugstore owner Dan Peterson said.

Theft is not only a concern but fraud, especially after last week when a woman was arrested for pretending to be a nurse to get 15 prescription pills at an area pharmacy.

"That is something that nurses commonly do they will call a pharmacy and give the prescription apparently she knew how they do that, I guess. it sounded legit on that first one but because it was identical and everything that raised some concern with the pharmacist and that's why they called the doctor to verify," Officer Sam Clemens said.

This type of crime is nothing new for Sioux Falls Officers.

"The most common one we run into is where people are altering the number on a script, they will get a prescription for 5 pills and they will turn it into 50 or 15 or something like that," Clemens said.

Staff here at Dan's Drugstore knows what to watch for and stay alert everyday.

"You are not giving a warning when that is going to happen all of sudden there could be someone who shows up and has a fraudulent prescription and you need to realize and look for signs of a fraudulent prescription and be able to recognize those things," Peterson said.

Police say that fake order was successfully picked up from the Sioux Falls pharmacy it was ordered with. The next day, when the suspect called in the same prescription to the same pharmacy, the person working became suspicious and called a doctor then police.

Elizabeth Ann Klotzke, 24, was arrested while sh waited in the drive-thru to pick up the pills.