Luverne drive-in offers space for graduations

Published: Apr. 10, 2020 at 10:22 PM CDT
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If Minnesota High Schools continue to keep their doors closed for the rest of the Spring semester along with possibly cancelling their high school graduations, The Verne Drive-In in Luverne, Minnesota is offering to open up their gates and turn on their projector in order for seniors to be celebrated properly.

The Verne Drive-In had to postpone their open date from May 1st to later this summer, but that doesn’t mean cars won’t be filling their business.

The Rozeboom family owns the drive-in and a social media post got them thinking about hosting graduations.

Gracie Rozeboom said, “There was a post going around Facebook about how drive-ins should have graduations, and I said that to Doug. I asked, ‘can we do this?’ He said, ‘absolutely, that would be a great idea.’”

So, they started planning.

Gracie continued, “We’ve had communication with lots of different schools, and a couple have selected a date for a backup plan just in case they can’t have it at the school.”

The Rozebooms say the projector and big screen could be used as a part of the ceremony, and their sound system is loud enough for everyone to hear.

But most importantly, everyone could stay in their cars and practice good social distancing.

Doug Rozeboom said, “They can practice social distancing while still being able to see the graduation. For the students, who wouldn’t have the graduation otherwise, it’s a good opportunity to be able to graduate with their class and have a ceremony.”

Gracie says the Verne would open its’ doors free of charge to schools.

She’s even more excited about the idea, because she’s a part of the class of 2020 herself.

“I am a senior. It’s very special to hopefully have a graduation and have a place to have it if we can’t have it at the school like years previous,” said Gracie.