Madison bouncing back after record-breaking flooding

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MADISON, S.D. (KSFY) - One day after the city of Madison saw extensive flooding, the community is beginning to bounce back. Madison has been hit hard this week by rising waters.

Dozens of the city's southside had to be rescued from their homes after Silver Creek spilled out of its banks. The waters are still high on Friday.

Several inches of rain have fallen in Madison and residents have been flooded out their homes. They're saying all they can do is wait for the water to go down.

"The ground has been saturated all summer long so there's just nowhere for the water to go," Sergeant Aaron Talich with the Madison Police Department said.

After Thursday’s record-breaking flood event Darlene Thompson looked out to her home where she and her family have so many memories. They escaped the home unharmed, but so many memories have been washed away.

"We were doing well until the power went out and then the sump pumps quit and it started coming in. It was rushing in," Darlene said.

The Thompson’s rode it out until the water started getting up over their deck. It only took a couple of hours for the water to fill their homes and the streets.

"The basement is completely full. Furnaces and the air conditioner is underwater," Jim Thompson said.

It’s a tragedy that blindsided the whole community.

"I never expected this to happen this time of year," Jim said.

On a brisk day families expected to hear the crunch of leaves that have fallen from the trees. Not the sound of rushing water.

"My mother in law and father in law went through this 25 years ago, but it never got this deep," Darlene said.

"In 1993 it took a week for the water to go down and the water is higher than it was in 93," Jim said.

While the water rushes downstream all they can do is wait for things to dry out. When that day comes city officials will be there to help.

"Madison will be assisting with clean up from the flood. Not so much helping you get stuff out of your house, but if you do have damaged carpet, sheetrock, and stuff like that they will assist with getting that picked up," Sergeant Talich said.

All they ask is that you put it curbside and they'll get it when they can.

"For the time being there's not much anybody can do but provide extra shelter and help take care of the people displaced," Jim said.

Emergency officials say that they don't know when this water will go down in this southside neighborhood. They say if residents need any help to call 2-1-1.

Residents on the southwest portion of Madison are still without power Friday night and should plan for three more days without it. The water must recede for power to safely be restored.