Man arrested on multiple charges after assault, arrest caught on video

Published: May. 6, 2019 at 5:18 PM CDT
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A video of a Sioux Falls arrest is catching a lot of attention online. It shows Dylan Ites leading police on a foot pursuit last week.

KSFY News first showed this video of his arrest Friday night. In the video you can see the man getting kicked by an officer. It also shows him being bit by a K-9 unit.

Ites is accused of strangling a woman before leading police on this chase, but some are wondering if police used excessive force during the arrest.

Dylan Ites faces a number of charges including aggravated assault, fleeing police and resisting arrest. Monday, KSFY News learned what happened in that home before the arrest and what someone can do to leave a situation like this.

Police say Ites threatened to kill his girlfriend during an argument. He put her in a head lock and used both hands to strangle her, at one point making her pass out.

"She was able to get away and call 911. He realized that she had called 911 and took that phone away and then a third time he strangled her again," Officer Sam Clemens of the Sioux Falls Police Department said.

Police found Ites shortly after he left the home and chased him through the neighborhood. The K-9 officer found him in the window well where he wouldn't take any directions from police.

"The officer was telling him to get down and to lay down," Clemens said.

People have questioned why the officer kicked the suspect and the K-9 bit him, but Officer Sam Clemens said neither the officer nor the K-9 knew if Ites had any weapons.

"The officer kicked the guy backwards away from the window well and you can actually see him pulling the guy back. The K-9 did what it's supposed to do," Clemens said.

After the incident the woman spoke out on Facebook to describe how she came close to losing her life. Kelsey Kruse with The Compass Center said domestic violence cases are very individualized.

"Approximately 75% of women who are injured or killed in domestic violent relationships are when they're leaving who have just recently left," Kruse said.

So what may be safe for one person may not be safe for another. Kruse uses an analogy while counseling victims of domestic violence saying...

"If we think of it like a pot of cold water on the stove and if we put a live frog in a boiling pot of water that live frog is going to jump out, but if we put a pot of water on the stove and put the frog in it before we even turn the stove on and we slowly increase the heat that frog is going to get so comfortable in that water that it's not even going to recognize it's in danger," Kruse said.

Kruse said on average it's about seven times before a woman will actually be able to successfully leave a domestic violence relationship.

She also adds that we have to keep in mind that these abusers are willing to do anything. If they're able to hurt someone they love they won't hesitate to injure a police officer.

Sioux Falls police will be conducting an internal review of the incident. That's standard protocol whenever a K-9 officer is used to assist with an arrest.