Millennials find success in South Dakota

Published: Jun. 9, 2016 at 12:57 AM CDT
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South Dakota was ranked the second best state to live in for millennials.

When it comes to cheap available housing, employment and a quality nightlife, South Dakota has most of the country beat. At least, according to the financial management website MoneyRates.

The Mount Rushmore state has the proper amenities for someone either fresh out of college, or an young adult who has settled but wants to try something new.

"I was in Minneapolis for ten years," says Meranda VanNingen, the client service specialist for Insight Marketing Design. "And after starting a family my husband and I both decided moving back to South Dakota was best for our family and our children. And the ability to do all the things we were doing in Minneapolis was here."

MoneyRates analyzed things like college education prices, broadband access and connectivity to decide the ranks.

"A catch-all measure we looked at is the overall usefulness of a state," says Richard Barrington, the senior financial analyst for the website. "What percentage of the state's population is comprised of young adults."

Many of the 80 million millennials in the country struggle to find work, especially those straight out of college. But South Dakota has been welcoming to young professionals.

"In a bigger city or somewhere else it's like 'you don't have four years experience so we're not even going to give you a chance'" says Jessica Jellema, the campaign strategist for Complete Media. "And that's something I really liked here was that people who were willing to give you that first foot in the door."

While a millennial's future seems grim at times, that can all change, depending on the geography.

"I just graduated, I really wanted to come back here and it just felt like home, I really like Sioux Falls especially," says Jellema.