Mizzou students spend their spring break on service trip to Eagle Butte

Published: Mar. 29, 2017 at 8:28 PM CDT
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Most college students try to go somewhere warm and relax during their spring break, but one group of students from the University of Missouri is spending their time off in Eagle Butte.

Power tools, paint and lots of hard work aren't words you'd associate with spring break, but for these Mizzou students, it makes for a rewarding one.

"I think it's important to give students opportunities to go out of their comfort zone," says Chelsey Miller, a spring site leader in Eagle Butte.

The students are helping out with an organization called Mustard Seed, which provides housing and food for the community. Their project is to help build tiny houses.

"We're helping build different bunk beds, cabinets and renovating the kitchen just so that they can be able to house more people more efficiently," explains Rebekah Bell, another spring site leader.

For most participants, it's their first time in Eagle Butte but one student keeps coming back.

"I just wanted to show other students from my school the love that I have for this community," says Miller.

Why is a service trip over spring break something that all students should look into?

"Instead of going and partying with their friends, they can better the community, learn new things and make new friends," says Miller.

"Just things we're not normally exposed to on a regular basis. It's just really cool to immerse yourself in a community like this," says Bell.

The University of Missouri group will do as much work as possible before heading back home on Sunday.