Sioux Falls mom of 6 adjusts to remote learning

Sioux Falls, S.D. (DAKOTA NEWS NOW)- Many schools have moved to remote learning, including the Sioux Falls School District. This new way of learning is expected to last a while.
Miranda Paige checked in with one especially busy mom to see how she's handling having her kids home. ​

School from home is proving to be challenging for Bergen Erdman’s family. Her six kids range from six to 15 years old. She helps all of them with their school work while her husbands at work.

“It's hard and it’s hard for any other parent you know. I think the biggest struggle is making sure my kids get the proper education,” said Erdman.

To keep everyone on track she says a schedule is important.

“We’re waking up about 8 o’clock, 8:30 a.m., making breakfast, and starting our school day. So roughly we try to get them at least a few school hours of learning time and take frequent breaks,” said Erdman.

Daily check ins are also essential.

”I’ve been checking the infinite campus, being in contact with the teachers, making sure they are submitting their work, making sure they’re handing it in,” said Erdman.

Staying active is also a priority.

“A lot of the physical education teachers have noted to get outside with some physical activity or you know even if it’s cold to get some time of physical activity inside the home,” said Erdman.

For Erdman, it’s been tough finding enough time to help each child with their learning. Especially for her fifth grader Madison who has a cognitive learning disability and needs one-on-one attention.

”This is really hard and I give praise to the teachers who are in the special education field that do work with kids like this because it is difficult,” said Erdman.

She says it’s hard to emulate what Madison does at school at home, but she’s trying. Her biggest concern is her daughter regressing.

”What she would normally get in a week is mainly cut down into a quarter now of what she’s going to get,” said Erdman.

”We’ve made so many strides this year and the worst thing I don’t want to do is make her go back.”

She says right now all she can do is stay positive.

Erdman says that her best advice is just to stay calm, not only with your kids, but with the school district as this is all new for everyone.