Multiple businesses close on Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls

 Courtesy of SiouxFalls.Business
Courtesy of SiouxFalls.Business (KSFY)
Published: Dec. 13, 2019 at 6:39 PM CST
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Multiple businesses on Minnesota Ave. in Sioux Falls have elected to close their doors.

In October, the Wendy's location closed, and just a few days ago, Taco John's announced it's closing its restaurant just down the street. Both of which have been open for more than three decades.

The city's Director of Planning and Economic Development, Jeff Eckhoff, says it's not uncommon to see businesses make moves like this.

"Businesses make decisions like this all the time," Eckhoff said. "Investment of capital, investment of location to maximize their return, traffic, and so I think it's just a result of all that coming together."

Private Developer Sam Assam was involved in plans to re-purpose the old Gustaf's Greenery building on Minnesota Ave. He says, even though his original plan fell through, Minnesota Ave. remains prime realty for a store front.

"I think it's a great street, and for those businesses there, a majority of them do very well," Assam said.

Even with its upside though, Assam says the area can be problematic for developers.

"Because of the restrictions of how far the city will allow commercial (developers) to go back into some of the older neighborhoods, that's always going to be a deterrent," Assam said.

There is currently no timetable for when the Taco John's or Wendy's locations may be filled, but the Minnesota Ave. Taco John's will be closed permanently on Dec. 16.