Multiple organizations feed kids in Aberdeen.

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For the past three days the Boys and Girls Club of Aberdeen has been serving sandwiches, fruits, and veggies.

"Starting tomorrow we'll do hot lunches, so they'll get hot lunches to go," said Boys and Girls Club Program Director Megan Reshetar.

Serving these meals to kids will add on to what the Aberdeen School District has already been doing, providing hot lunches.

"They are picking up two lunches and two breakfasts, along with a bag that contains two white milk, and two chocolate milk," Susan Nash, the Director of Food Services for the Aberdeen School District said.

From 11:30 to 1:00 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, students are able to pick up the meals at various schools throughout the Hub City.

"Monday we sent a boneless chicken drummy, and then today it is chicken patty on a bun, Friday will be mini corn dogs," Nash said.

And seven days a week kids can pick up meals at the Boys and Girl Club.

"Every time we hand off a meal they're like 'thank you so much this is awesome," Reshetar said.

The efforts being put forth is to help parents have one less worry while their kids are not able to eat at school.

"To help with your grocery bill of course because it's different when you're kids are home and you're having to feed them all Summer, so we're trying to help you now while school should have been in session," said Susan Nash, the Director of Food Services for the Aberdeen School District.

Both organizations plan to continue serving the meals throughout the remainder of the school year if needed.