Murray County Commission speak out for the first time since calling for Sheriff Telkamp's resignation

Published: May. 22, 2018 at 7:04 PM CDT
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The Murray County Commission spoke out for the first time since calling for Sheriff Telkamp's resignation last week.

At the commission meeting, board members listened to more than 10 community members voicing their concerns about how the investigation was handled.

James Jens, Murray County Commission chairman, said he feels that this is a safety issue for the county employees.

It all started with three different video clips, prompting the board to get involved.

The board asked for advice from their lawyer, who contacted an independent investigator

Sheriff Telkamp was contacted by the investigator several times but refused to cooperate.

"Based upon our labor attorneys advice, we obtained an outside investigator which none of us had ever met," Lori Gunnick, vice-chair for the Murray County Commission said.

The investigator produced a 69-page report with the findings. From there, the county commissioners felt there was only one decision to make.

"We asked him to resign, and he is our sheriff, and he can stay our sheriff as his term is here and he also has the right to re-file," Jens said. "And there's not a thing wrong with that.

Since Telekamp is an elected official, he will not be forced out of office. But, an interim director was hired to handle personnel matters while Telkamp finishes his term.

Both commissioners hope the public has a chance to read the report and make their own decisions based on the evidence that is presented in it.

Sheriff Telkamp has now hired an attorney that will help him through this investigation.

Even with the investigation, Telkamp plans to run for re-election this fall.