NSU students take advantage of free time during snowstorm

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ABERDEEN, S.D. (KSFY) - The snow kept many students living in dorms on the campus of Northern State University stranded until today.

Many of the students here on campus took the opportunity to relax and get their mind off the books as the end of the semester quickly approaches.

Other students made sure they hit the books and got ahead of their classmates.

But many of the students didn't go to the grocery store to stock up on food so nearly every student I spoke with told me they had no choice but to get their meals at the wolves den.

"I didn't really worry too much about it because I knew the den would be open and I could get food here," said Steven Meyer, NSU student. "So if I needed to I could just walk my way over here, plow through knee deep snow if I had to, and if my car didn't get out than I could just survive off of this food here."

I also spoke with the Aberdeen mayor this afternoon.

Coming up at 6 p.m. I'll tell you why the mayor thinks this storm was actually a positive thing for the people living in his city.