National 'Spirit Ride' stops in Sioux Falls

Slow down and move over--that's the message as the as the national 'Spirit Ride' made its way through Sioux Falls.

The ride began in June of 2017 and features an eight foot long casket painted with scenarios of first responders at the scenes of highway incidents.
This is a national effort among towing companies across the country to promote the "slow down, move over" law in every state
Riders say the casket is a way to honor those first responders whose lives have been lost. Mike Corbin is a Spirit Ride ambassador. "When we're transporting the casket is showing the spirits of those that have fallen already and letting the public know that this could be a real funeral at this time it’s a memorial."

Local police, sheriff and highway patrol as well as fire, EMS and towing companies participated in the event.