Nearly 1,000 killed running red lights during last decade

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. Running red lights has led to nearly 940 deaths since 2017 and at least two Americans die this way every day. Some intersections in Sioux Falls are notorious for producing impatient decisions and the hasty behavior affects more than just the drivers. Sioux Falls police say there are complaint zones receiving attention for speeding, but there are also intersections like 41st and Louise, 6th and Dakota, and 10th and Cleveland where drivers routinely run red lights.

"We see a lot of people that run red lights. We know that contributes to a lot of accidents,” said Officer Sam Clemens.

The traffic dangers go beyond the intersections as local business owners have to account for people using their parking lot as an extra lane of traffic.

True Care Family Pharmacy owner Lindsey Osterkamp said when she moved to her new location on 10th and Cliff, she knew right away the location would be an issue.

"People trying to cut the light going south on Cliff, trying to go west on Tenth Street, so they would cut through my parking lot at a fairly quick speed,” Osterkamp said.

The impatient behavior at the intersection encouraged Osterkamp to create a minor obstacle to deter drivers from cutting through her parking lot. It still permits traffic but is not favorable for drivers trying to cheat a right or a left turn. Osterkamp’s business is one of a few that are at the mercy of drivers’ decisions as Good Spirits Fine Wine Liquor staff say it is only a matter of time before someone cuts the corner of their parking lot and hits someone.