UPDATE: Power restored to nearly 5,000 excel energy customers

Nearly 5,000 people are without power from South Point, Ohio to Ashland, Kentucky

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. - UPDATE: According to Excel Energy's website, 4,985 customers have power again after it was knocked out Friday morning in the western part of Sioux Falls.

Power was out because a driver hit a power pole in the area of 41st Street and Ellis Road.

Officers are still looking for the driver, who left the area.
Crews are working to restore power for 4,985 Xcel Energy customers in western Sioux Falls. According to the company's website, it's expected to be restored by 6:15 AM Friday.

According to Sioux Falls police, around 3:45 Friday morning, officers found that a car struck a power pole, causing the outage.

The crash happened near the area of West 41st Street and Ellis Road in Sioux Falls.

Officers are still looking for the driver who left the scene.