New Bristol church being built one year after fire

Published: Jul. 29, 2019 at 7:45 PM CDT
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One year after the Westside Wesleyan Church in Bristol was destroyed, the community is getting to see a new building.

"We're really looking forward to having this done," said Pastor Lynn Lutz.

Since then Pastor Lynn Lutz has been working to get a new building, while still holding services at the community center.

"It appeared that God was providing us with a means through the insurance settlement, and fundraisers, and things that we could move ahead, and continue to have a presence here in Bristol," said Pastor Lutz.

Pastor Lutz and the insurance company recently came to an agreement; Westside Wesleyan Church will have a new home.

"We sat down, went through a lot of plans, came up with a design for a new building," Lutz said.

For the past year, Pastor Lutz has been performing his services from inside the Bristol Community Center.

Longtime attendee Lorinda Towe has been helping organize the church at the community center.

"I have been busy because of the fact that they came down to the community center to have church," Towe said.

She is looking forward to having a permanent location again.

"They are trying to make it so that it is easy for us to work in there," Towe said.

Pastor Lutz is looking forward to moving into the new location too. Both he and Lorinda Towe know, the old building created many memories that will live on for years.

"The Lord's Prayer will still be there, but some of the other things won't be there," Towe said.

"We just think everybody should be welcome, everybody should be able to get in, enjoy, and use the building so we're hoping to do that even more than just on a weekend basis," said Pastor Lutz.

Pastor Lutz is hoping the new building will be finished by October so his church can have a new home during the upcoming winter months.