New GoFundMe page gives hope to Sioux Falls boy, family

Published: Sep. 7, 2016 at 9:52 PM CDT
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It is a continued debate across the country: legalizing medical marijuana.

In South Dakota, that's the one thing a Sioux Falls family says would save the life of their four year old boy.

The Hendrickson's have exhausted just about every effort as they continue back and forth from Colorado for treatment to help little Eli's Dravet Syndrome.

He can't walk on his own, or talk, and suffers from debilitating seizures.

"It's noticeably different because pharmaceutical medicines don't have good success with treating the Epilepsy. If you do reach a level that you've gotten the seizures to subside, you've put so much medicine into his body he's no longer a child but a zombie," George Hendrickson said.

Their fight to give Eli the best life possible continues.

"We had to become doctors, advocates, lawyers, nurses, the best babysitters, somewhere in there we had to become parents," George said.

At this point, Cannabis Oil has been their only hope.

"I've seen it first-hand too many times to be told it doesn't work, or told it's all smoke in mirrors. I guess as the FDA said, it has no medical purpose even though it's patent said it's a neuro-protectant," he said.

George has a place to live in Colorado where the oil is legal and works wonders for his little boy. They travel back and forth for that type of treatment.

"It's amazing the expenses you can run up when you're battling something like this... with all of your strength. Our whole family doing it."

A account has been set up to assist the family with financial needs.

"Some friends have come up and helped in places we weren't able to," George said. "It's hard asking the public for help because you're raised to do your best, on your own."

He hopes South Dakota lawmakers will reintroduce legislation that would help more than just people with Epilepsy but bring a broad spectrum program to help everyone.

For a link to the Go Fund Me page for Eliyah Hendrickson, visit the link to the right side of this story.