New Year's resolutions: Dry January

Published: Jan. 3, 2020 at 7:40 PM CST
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An increasing number of people are limiting their alcohol intake this month as part of a growing trend called Dry January.

Dry January started a few years ago in the United Kingdom after people noticed they were maybe having a little too much to drink during the holidays so they took a little break. Now it's led to some taking more than a month off.

Dry January encourages people to give up alcohol from New Year’s Day to the end of the month. For those who have a problem with curbing their drinking, it could lead to more than one month. The Carpenter Bar in downtown Sioux Falls serves a variety of non-alcoholic beverages.

"We have people that come in and order NA cocktails and we make a variety of different versions. We use shrubs and different syrups," Bartender, Kelly Sullivan said.

People worldwide are taking on the Dry January challenge to either take a break from drinking or even reach some other goals. Some say it brings you better overall health. Bartenders can make any drink that matches what you want without alcohol.

"If somebody has a certain flavor profile they're looking for if they like rosemary we can make something with rosemary. We can either make it still, make it sparkling and just depending on what people like we kind of whip stuff up," Sullivan said.

KSFY News took to Facebook to see who in the Sioux Falls area is partaking in Dry January. Carla White says she's aiming for a year without drinking.

“Quitting alcohol all together seemed impossible but "taking a break", THAT I could do,” White said.

One year on New Year's Day she and a friend went for drinks and her friend ordered a non-alcoholic beverage. She asked why and he said he's been taking a break for three years due to Dry January. From there she tried and noticed better health benefits.

The Dry January challenge is a way to reset and can even be a way to save money. Some people have even found this a way to not drink anymore.