New app available in Sioux Falls to find open parking meters and pay by phone

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - City leaders are always looking for ways to make simple tasks more convenient throughout the city of Sioux Falls. So they soft-launched an app that will allow people to pay parking meters through a mobile app throughout the day.

This new app will be a life saver for those who work and live in the downtown area who don't have time to feed the meter. It will hopefully cut down on the amount of tickets that are issued.

"I was frustrated because I’ve gotten a lot of parking tickets and I was like oh my gosh if there was a parking app with sort of a big city thing," Sioux Falls resident, Clinton Brown said.

The City of Sioux Falls soft-launched an app called 'Park Smarter' back in 2018. Some Sioux Falls residents came across the app recently. Clinton Brown posted it to Facebook and some people wanted to know why they hadn't heard about the app yet.

"The comments on my Facebook post were certainly oh my gosh when did this become available, how long has this been out there? I mean a lot of us have gotten parking tickets and run back out and put quarters in our meters," Brown said.

"Whenever we have a new technology that we want to launch we also do some testing of that to make sure that it's a fully functional thing because we don't want folks to get frustrated with the platform," Deputy Chief of Staff, T.J. Nelson said.

Right now there are still some kinks to be worked out. For Android users the app has some problems, but Apple users haven't had many problems with it.

"So rather than have all that frustration and all these backlogs of tickets and complaints we want to make somethings buttoned up before we launch it out there," Nelson said.

So how does this app work?

"It’ll let you pay your meter up front and it'll send you a notification if your meter is about to expire you can add time to it, help you find available parking," Nelson said.

With Sioux Falls continuing to grow every year, residents are excited for new technology.

"This is really a big city amenity and I’m actually really grateful that the city's doing this," Brown said.

For those who live and work downtown they definitely know the struggle of feeding the meter.

Those people who take a break from living in South Dakota and move to bigger cities are used to these types of conveniences.

"So when they come back they often feel we're behind the times and this is a great thing to say well we're not."

The goal is to have the app launched by the end of this summer.