New apps can tell if you're a good driver

Published: Aug. 25, 2016 at 5:42 PM CDT
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Are you a safe driver? Now there's an app for that too.

A few private companies and many insurance companies have developed apps that can tell you how well you turn a curve, if you're braking too often and how often you're speeding.

“It’s my driving history, it shows little maps of my commute to work this morning, no hard braking, no speeds over 80 miles an hour, so I had a successful day,” Sioux Falls Allstate agent Dan Pickering said.

Allstate's Drive Wise program is one of the many safe driving apps to hit the market in recent months.

“It tests for hard braking, late night driving and speeds over 80 miles an hour,” Pickering said.

All are risking driving habits that contribute to crashes.

“The number one collision in America is the rear-end collision,” Washington High School Driver’s Education instructor Jim Trett said. “They're probably distracted, either they're going too fast, and they're not paying attention and then all of the sudden they have to brake.”

Using a phone while driving is another big risk factor, but these safe driving apps are completely automatic. Once downloaded, the will start recording driver’s habits as soon as they hit the road.

“For a parent, it tracks when they're driving, when they're going, when they're coming and leaving…it will also show if they're speeding around town, slamming on their brakes, doing those sorts of things, so the safety aspect is definitely there,” Pickering said.

Pickering says the app is a great incentive for all drivers to see how they’re doing and work to improve their driving.

“It would help people drive better because they know their mistakes,” 14-year-old driver’s education student Samuel Ball said.

Using these safe driving apps can also come with some financial incentives.

“Customers can save 10-25 percent off their annual premium and they can earn points for shopping rewards program,” Pickering said of Allstate’s program.

You can even get discounts if you’re not a good driver. Pickering says the results of the app can’t hurt you at all and Allstate customers will get a discount just for using the app. But as driving improves, they can earn more discounts and rewards.

“There's always room for improvement, we are always looking to get better every time we go out there,” Pickering said.

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