A new clue in the disappearance of Rachel Cyriacks

Published: Mar. 25, 2015 at 10:35 PM CDT
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The search for Rachel Cyriacks continues more than one year after she first went missing.

Woonsocket is a small town, so when one of their own goes missing, everyone seems to know about it.

In the disappearance of Cyriacks, this case also hit the sheriff close to home.

A picture may be worth a thousand words but this photo contains the latest clue in the disappearance of Cyriacks. A quilt given to her as a special gift.

Sanborn County Sheriff Tom Fridley said "it was when she got out of the penitentiary. They make quilts for special occasions and other stuff, and they do beautiful work. It was given to her specifically, so there was some extra pride in it for Rachel."

Her case also has special meaning for Sheriff Fridley.

"Her dad and I have known each other for a long time, and I've known her since she's been small, and with the small community connections," Sheriff Fridley said.

It's why the sheriff knew this quilt could be an important clue.

"Rachel, when she received it, to show me the blanket, and that's how I know it meant something special to her, because she asked me to come over to the house and see it after she had received it," Sheriff Fridley said.

"This blanket was missing at the same time she was, and we've been chasing leads down and we decided that this would be maybe be something somebody had seen," Sheriff Fridley added.

A new clue, and one reason to solve this mystery.

"The family needs some closure. With the law enforcement community as we are, we're working together, we're still trying to close it, and any other open cases that we might be aware of. Maybe one of these leads will lead to something else," Sheriff Fridley added.

After the sheriff posted the photo to Facebook on Monday, he received three leads from people who claimed to either have seen a woman like Rachel or the quilt.

Sheriff Fridley said Rachel's husband is still considered a person of interest.