New course teachers high school students how to manage their money

Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 10:54 PM CDT
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Teens sometimes have trouble when it comes to money management. But one school in Sioux Falls is doing what it can to fix that.

Financial Planner Christina Lynn has caught on to the frightening trend. "Our young students are graduating from high school unprepared for making good financial decisions when they leave the nest."

But CTE's Academy of Finance is doing all it can to change this. They're offering courses to high school students teaching the ins and outs of the credit card business.

"We want to make sure we encourage our students to be that convenient user. Buy now, make sure you're going to be able to pay it off," said teacher Penny Brunken.

Courses include Accounting 1 and 2 and Intro to Financial Services. But CTE takes it to the next level. They give their kids real world experience at the local Citi bank.

"So as a business perspective, we learn how they track people and how they try to help people make sure people pay on time, and also provide opportunities and provide good service." said Brunken.

Teacher Penny Brunken hopes students won't fall into traps."You can save 25 dollars here or there and all you have to do is sign up for this credit card. But there is also a catch. These could be really great tools for buying purchases. But they have to make sure that they're ready to pay it off." Brunken says she wants kids to know choices they make now impact their future. "Credit score needs to be very good because you want to buy that first car or that first house and you want to be very consumer savvy."

Because being financially savvy stems from a good education.

"We can slowly change our, the habits of our children, by teaching them the lay of the land, what to expect, what good money habits are," said Christina Lynn.

CTE financial courses are available to students in all grades of high school. If your child is interested in enrolling they should talk to their school counselor.