New details released in book focusing on the Duct Tape Killer

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 10:43 AM CST
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The authors of the popular local crime books "Gitchie Girl" have released another book called "Duct Tape Killer" that focuses on a series of crimes committed by Robert Leroy Anderson in the 1990s.

Larry Long helped Phil and Sandy Hamman write the book. Long was part of the prosecutor team in the Robert Leroy Anderson case. He is a retired circuit judge and was previously elected as South Dakota's Attorney General.

"I spent two and a half years of my life doing virtually nothing, except working on that case," Long said. "The emotion that we had was we felt tremendous pressure to be successful, and we believed that a successful outcome meant that the jury would impose the death penalty."

This case started in 1994 when Larisa Dumansky disappeared from the Morrell's parking lot, where she worked. Months later, Amy Anderson got a flat tire when two men tried to abduct her. But she escaped. Less than two years later in July of 1996, Piper Streyle was abducted from her home in McCook County. Police were able to get a search warrant for Robert Leroy Anderson's truck and prosecuted him on a kidnapping charge for Streyle.

"In the course of that trial, the police developed access to a gravesite, which turned out to be the gravesite of Mrs. Dumansky and that allowed law enforcement to put together a prosecution for murder of Mrs. Streyle, murder of Mrs. Dumansky," Long said.

Robert was sentenced to the death penalty in 1999 for both murders. He committed suicide in his cell at the South Dakota State Penitentiary in 2003 before he could be executed. This is the story that Phil and Sandy Hamman were commonly asked to write after the "Gitchie Girl" novels.

"This crime touched so many people, thousands of people in this area," Phil Hamman said. "I think that one of the things this book is going to bring is a lot of stories and a lot of information that has never been released before."

"Duct Tape Killer" is available for purchase on

. There is an event at Barnes & Noble in Sioux Falls on Saturday from 10:00 AM until 12:00 PM, where people can meet Phil and Sandy Hamman as well as Larry Long.

Dakota News Now reached out to Streyle's widower who said he has no comment about the book.

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