New option for Sioux Falls high school boundaries

Published: Jun. 17, 2020 at 10:47 PM CDT
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Wednesday the Sioux Falls School Board met to discuss middle school and high school boundary options before a final vote is made on Monday. Many folks gave their input and a new high school boundary option was introduced.

The school board added a new redistricting option, called "A" Chesapeake. This option would include the original "A" option along with a triangle of houses on the west side near Sertoma both east and west. The boundary of that area west to Tea-Ellis would be in the Roosevelt district instead of Jefferson.

Board members threw out option “A2” that was introduced last week.

"’A2’ had its flaws in that where it left populations in the building capacity side as well as socioeconomic, it made some things worse. So that’s why it was eliminated. Why Chesapeake was kept in with “A” was that it's a very small number of families. It's another way to look at the border for them,” said Cynthia Mickelson, President of the Sioux Falls School Board.

The meeting was a full house as teachers, parents and even students shared their thoughts on all the proposed boundaries.

"It's really important to me. I'm actually a drum major for the Washington marching band. So it does affect me. But I feel an obligation as a student not only to pay attention to these types of meetings, but also to try to ensure the best interest for all the fine arts students in all of our high schools and all of the students in our district,” said Washington High school Student Nicholas Levisay.

When it comes to choosing the right decision, there are five main areas board members and the public are focused on including growth, geography, budgeting, student safety and equal education. These were some concerns parents shared during the open comment portion of the meeting.

"We want all of the schools to be equitable, try to have a diverse population economically and otherwise. Even in honors program or not we'd like to have those kids spread out in the district,” said Parent Jan Shafer.

The final vote for school boundaries will be Monday and will go into effect fall of 2021. The boundary options now include option "A," "A" Chesapeake, or "C."

You can give your input on the boundaries in the Let's Talk feature on the District's website:

For more information on the boundaries visit: