Newly elected South Dakota Democratic Party Chairman addresses moving party forward

Published: Dec. 8, 2019 at 8:08 PM CST
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The South Dakota Democratic Party has elected new officials. Randy Seiler will take over as the new chairman after the resignation of its Chairwoman and Executive Director this past September.

When Seiler was given the responsibility of being Interim-Chairman he wasn't interested in taking the roll on full-time. Now with newly elected officials in office for the South Dakota Democratic Party, it makes room for them to get back on track.

With the 2020 election around the corner and contested races for the democratic ticket for both the U.S. senate and house, the South Dakota Democratic Party needed to quickly put the financial and leadership distractions behind them.

"I’m looking forward to it and I’m honored to serve and just doing so with pride and humiliation. We're going to continue to move the Democratic Party forward," Seiler said.

In October, when KSFY News spoke with then Interim-Chair Randy Seiler he said that he wasn't interested in being elected as the new chair, but since then things changed. After encouragement from peers it was best he took over the position if elected.

"So over the course of the last six weeks, we've been able to make substantial progress. We’re current with all of our debt. We have a plan going forward in terms of how we're going to address it. We have plans to reopen the offices," Seiler said.

But in a report, we learned that the party was facing financial problems resulting in an unpaid debt of $47,000. Since then the party has brought that debt current.

"We borrowed some money from a bank on a repayment schedule advertised over three years and paid off all of our existing past due obligations," Seiler said. "We adopted a 2020 budget based on realistic historical figures which address issues like paying off any debts and continue to meet our obligations while being current," Seiler said.

The party also adopted a budget of transformational outreach across South Dakota’s reservations. This would be a part-time position that would provide ongoing discussions with tribal leaders on a regular basis.

Seiler said that the party was never falling apart just because of their finances. He said politics works better when constituents have two vibrant choices so they can make an educated and appropriate choice when heading to the ballot box.

There are a number of priorities that Seiler said will take place over time. The party has begun the process of hiring a new Executive Director.

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