Noem, TenHaken visit damaged areas

Published: Jun. 1, 2020 at 11:17 PM CDT
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A night and day difference Sunday afternoon in what began as peaceful protests in Sioux Falls when the organizers of the 'March for George Floyd' began at Van Eps Park. After organizers went where they intended to, a less controllable demonstration made way to the Empire Mall where protestors feared their hard work was on the precipice of falling into disarray.

"There is no one in the country that disagrees with the sentiments of the peaceful protests that happened earlier in the day," Governor Noem said. "But with the sentiments that were expressed late last night is where we find contention and disagreement."

With police and business establishments on the receiving end of rocks and other objects, keeping the peace and eliminating the looting became difficult.

Mayor TenHaken and Governor Noem toured some of the affected locations following the frenzy near the Empire Mall. Repairs are being made, but a sense of reassurance is being shared where shards of shattered glass were formerly scattered.

The manager of Riddle's Jewelry says it's important for the community to show support as well as state and local leaders.

"I think it's important they see what's happening and going on and able to make decisions that [are] best for the public," Brent Reisenauer said.

The co-owner of a nearby Verizon store spoke with us during the night of unrest and was alarmed to see holes through the window of his store that night. The following day, Vince Lubben was dressed for work and sharing a much more positive outlook.

"Darkness isn't driven out by more darkness, darkness is only driven out by light, and we got to focus on a common goal," he said. "It's just sad that there are groups of haters out there and they love to hate. I don't know if they think that by hating more they're going to drive people together, but that's just the opposite. If you want to develop love and unity you need to offset that with love and unity."