OYO: Dealing with storm damaged trees

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If you lost trees or at least some branches after the severe storms and tornadoes of September 11th, you are not alone. Is this week's Owning Your Outdoors our yard and garden expert, Doug Schroeder from Lewis, has advice on how to deal with storm damaged trees.

Doug says the first thing you should do is decide if your tree can be saved. If more than 50 percent of your tree has been damaged or if it's leaning more than 15 degrees, it should probably be removed. If your tree is leaning 15 degrees or less, it can be saved. If it's a larger tree, it would be best to get help from a professional.

If your tree has broken branches that are still in the tree, it's important to get those pruned immediately - especially if it’s near a sidewalk or other high traffic area. If broken branches are not removed, they could break loose and fall to the ground causing injury to anyone below.

For more information on tree cleanup in Sioux Falls, visit the Sioux Falls City Website: Sioux Falls tree damage website