OYO: Fantastic fall colors for your landscape

Published: Oct. 5, 2018 at 4:36 AM CDT
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It is definitely getting colder and the leaves are beginning to change, but there is still time to get some fantastic fall color into your landscape. In this week's Owning Your Outdoors, our yard and garden expert Doug Schroeder from Lewis has a few quick and easy ideas for fall.

Doug says that there are a lot of plants that do really well in the fall and this is the time to make them the showcase of your yard and containers.

If you are wanting to update your containers for fall, Doug suggest rudbeckia, coleus and ornamental cabbage. Doug really likes ornamental cabbage because of the nice foliage and the colors that you do not always find at other times of the year.

Garden mums are the king of your fall garden presentation. Mums are a hardy plant. In fact, they are actually a perennial. If you want your mums to be a perennial, however you must plant them into the ground. If you leave them outdoors in a container over the winter, they will not survive.

If you are going to plant mums in the ground, you should get them in by early October. They need some time to establish themselves before the ground freezes. When you plant your mums in the ground, apply some mulch and do not cut them back until spring. In the spring, let the plant grow to about 6 inches and then pinch it back to 4 inches, let it grow back to 6 inches and then pinch it back again. Do this until mid July and the plant will be much fuller with thousands of blossoms come fall.

Remember, mums need plenty of moisture. Plant them in well-drained soil and keep them moist and well fertilized.