OYO: Summertime Lawn and Landscape Tips

Published: Jul. 28, 2017 at 8:52 AM CDT
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In this week's Owning Your Outdoors we have summertime lawn and landscaping tips. Lewis yard and garden manager Doug Schroeder let's us in on what we need to know this time of year to keep plants in tip top shape.

He says it's important to remember this time of year to not mow your grass too short.

"It seems like every year in July and August we go through a hot period. This year is no exception. I do a lot of walking in the evening, and I notice a lot of people are mowing their lawns way too short," Schroeder said.

He adds that people should also mulch their yards and not bag their clippings. The mulch works as an insulation, keeping in moisture. He says the nutrients feed the lawn.

"As far as your landscape, be observant," Schroeder said. He says it's important to keep an eye out for plants that need water and be cognizant of insect damage to plants. He says repairing plants that are damaged from bugs can be fixed.

"There are a lot of insect sprays to take care of what is eating at your plants," he said.

He pointed out though, people need to be cautious of protecting bees. He says to use an insecticide in the evening because bees are less active at night.

Schroeder also says pruning plants is something you want to do this time of year, especially if they have been damaged.

"If you have damage that is happening throughout the summer. It could be wind damage. Cut it (the plant) back," he said.

He also says every two weeks you need to fertilize plants.

"You are washing that fertilizer out all summer long, you need to replace it," he said.

Schroeder has put together a guide for people who have questions about when you should do things with your flower beds and lawns and how you can do it. His tip sheet is coming soon.

Check out the attached link.

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