OYO: Spruce up your yard with flowering shrubs

Published: Jun. 23, 2017 at 4:47 AM CDT
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Flowering shrubs are a great way to spruce up your landscape.Yard and garden expert Doug Schroeder from Lewis says flowering shrubs are low-maintenance, easy to grow and do great in our climate. Flowering shrubs can be used in landscape, as a hedge, or even in containers. Doug says flowering shrubs make a fantastic thriller in your patio container.

Hydrangeas are a very popular flowering shrub. Everybody loves the big, beautiful blue and pink flowers. Doug says that you can control the color of hydrangeas with fertilizer. Hydrangeas like acidic soil. If you use an acidic fertilizer, the flowers on your hydrangea will turn blue. If your soil is more alkaline, the flowers on your hydrangea will be more of a pinkish color. Doug says hydrangeas may completely die back in the winter. If that's the case, you can cut them to the ground and they will grow back quickly in the spring.

If you like roses, Doug suggests you try Easy Elegance roses. They're low maintenance, cold hardy and disease resistant. There are a variety of colors and sizes.

Weigela is another very popular flowering shrub that is native to Asia. They are aggressive rebloomers. Old varieties were very large. New ones are smaller and can more easily be used in landscape. There are several different varieties to choose from.

Coco Krunch: 2 to 3ft tall and wide. Ruby foliage, pinkish red flowers.

Crimson Kisses: 2 to3 ft tall and wide. Bright red flowers.

Sonic Bloom: 4 to 5ft tall and wide. Most proficient rebloomer. Prune after spring bloom if needed.

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