OYO: The most important time of year for lawn care

You should always rake your leaves in the fall. Do not leave them on your yard through the...
You should always rake your leaves in the fall. Do not leave them on your yard through the winter. (KSFY)
Published: Oct. 26, 2018 at 7:24 AM CDT
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Now that it's fall, your lawn is starting to lose its green color and seems to be fading away for winter. While that might be the case, don't let it fool you. Fall is actually one of the most important times of the year for lawn care. Even though your lawn isn't as bright and colorful as it was during the summer, it's still aggressively absorbing nutrients it needs in preparation for winter and eventually next spring.

Our lawn and garden expert, Doug Schroeder from Lewis says there are some very important things you should do to get your lawn ready for winter.

First, Doug says that when you do your final mowing of the Season you should lower your lawn mower deck down to about an inch or an inch and a half. That said, you should never take off more than one-third of the blade of grass. Lowering your lawn mower deck and cutting your grass shorter will allow Sun to reach the crown of the grass. The crown is the white section of the blade of grass closest to the ground.

Next, Doug says you should always rake your leaves in the fall. Leaving them over the winter does not insulate the grass, it actually smothers your lawn and limits access to moisture and sunshine. Try to stay ahead of the game when it comes to raking leaves. Get them off your lawn as soon and often as possible.

Third, you should fertilize. If you are only going to fertilize your yard once per year, fall is the time to do it. Doug suggests applying fertilizer after you've done your final Mowing and your final raking of leaves.

Fall is a great time to overseed your lawn. Overseeding is simply spreading grass seed over your existing lawn. The grass seed will take advantage of sunshine and moisture this fall and winter and give you a thicker lawn in the spring.

Finally, your lawn isn't the only thing aggressively absorbing nutrients and moisture in preparation for winter, weeds are doing it too. That's why I fall is also one of the best times of the year to apply herbicide and weed killer. Doug says you will get the best kill of weeds by applying herbicide and weed killer this time of year.