Olympic medalist hosting camp in Watertown

Published: Dec. 27, 2019 at 8:50 PM CST
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Gracie Gold is an Olympic Champion Figure Skater, skating her way back into the National spotlight, and helping young skaters, after struggling with her mental health for a few years.

"We have an Olympic gold medalist with us and it's just really cool," said Taylor Lawrence, a skater attending the camp.

Life was at an all time high for 2014 top 2016 for Gracie.

"I was part of the 2014 US Olympic team," Gracie Gold, an olympic Champion Figure Skater said.

But she's had to overcome a lot in the past two years.

"The past two years were difficult. I mean I had a mental health crisis, and a mental health episode, which really opened my eyes to kind of that world. Depression, anxiety, some troubles with an eating disorder."

Now Gracie is working to make a comeback.

"I did take quite a long time off, but coming back to skating was really important to me,"

At the same time she is working to give back.

"The seminars are mostly skating, it's not always the right audience to share about a mental health crisis, but some of them have a lot of older girls, a lot of high school seniors, college students, then I share with them,"

"I've enjoyed just learning new things, and being able to experience different things that I've never tried before," Lawrence said.

For the first time ever she is in South Dakota hosting her camp, telling her story to other people who may be struggling.

"We just want to coach some skating. We just want to have a good time, have fun with the kids, and help where we can," Gold said.

After this camp is finished, Gracie will go back home to continue training. She says she would love to come back to South Dakota again in the future.