'Our disabilities don't define us': Back 2 School Bash brings Children's Miracle Network families together

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The Back 2 School Bash brought in many families Saturday to help raise money benefiting the Sanford Children's Miracle Network. Many of the families attending receiving help from the organization.

It’s always been a mission for Highest Health Chiropractic to give back to the community of Sioux Falls. That's why they're helping support the Children's Miracle Network.

Families said it's a scary situation to be in, but laughter is the best medicine.

Four miracle children coming from two different families make their way through the world like normal kids. That is after battling severe medical conditions.

It began in 2009 with the oldest Jaxon.

"Our local medical system they had never seen a child with the breathing he had," Jen Scheff said.

Jaxon and Jeren both have a rare genetic disorder where they're missing genes on the X chromosome affecting their respiratory system.

"They knew that his airway was completely closed on the inside but they had never done surgery to be able to fix an airway," Scheff said.

When Jaxon was born no pediatric ENT's worked at the Sanford Castle, but by the time Jeren was born that all changed and the family spent months in the NICU.

"Jeren had 28 surgeries on his airway and it's a continual battle to keep his airway open and going," Scheff said.

"It’s nice that they have these events because then it helps kids like me and my brother and they'll be able to get out of the hospital and see the world like me and Jeren," Jaxon Scheff said.

Children’s Miracle Network is also giving the Byrnes family a chance to see the world together.

"CMN helped us in so many countless ways. They helped us with the draft bed for him and allowed us to have surgery bedside which was a huge thing so they didn't have to transport him through all the germs," Aubrey Byrnes said.

Wyatt was born six years ago at 27 weeks weighing only one pound 15 ounces. His brother Colton was born with many medical conditions. Doctors losing him three times throughout his life and this past August he had his 55th surgery.

"Even though he's had 55 surgeries it doesn't look like he's had 55 surgeries and he doesn't look like he's any different than any other kid," Byrnes said.

"Children's Miracle Network helps us so our disabilities don't define us and we can do all the stuff you can do," Jaxon Scheff said.

Each family said that Children's Miracle Network gave them not only financial support but emotional support. The hospital creates a sense of family even being away from home for more than a year.

All proceeds from the Back 2 School Bash were donated to the Sanford Children's Miracle Network that will help children with medical issues.