Own a piece of the Arc of Dreams

Published: Nov. 26, 2019 at 5:31 PM CST
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The Arc of Dreams, spanning the river in downtown Sioux Falls, is a majestic installation enjoyed by many.

But what if you could own a piece of it? That's the idea behind a series of sculptures made from leftover pieces of the arc.

The pieces will be available in several Sioux Falls businesses.

"As our sculptor, Dale Lamphere, created the Arc of Dream, he saved the elements he trimmed off and turned those into works of art," said Jim Clark, Sculpture Walk director. "That's what we have here. We have a limited edition of 200 and on each one of them, we have stainless steel. We have titanium nitrite and jasper stone which is native to the area."

The pieces will be available next week and can be purchased at Rehfield's Sticks & Steel, Rugs & Relic, Piper Arts and Gunderson's.