Passengers share experience after plane skids off Sioux Falls runway

Published: Apr. 8, 2018 at 7:05 PM CDT
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Sunday’s blizzard caused a major headache for travelers at the Sioux Falls Regional Airport when their plane slid past the runway. Allegiant Flight 456 from Las Vegas to Sioux Falls was attempting to land just before noon Sunday, when the heavy snow and wind caused the plane to slide about 20 feet off the runway.

Nobody was hurt in the bumpy landing, but many passengers KSFY spoke with said they've never experienced a flight anything like this one. One man even said this was his first ever flight, one he won't forget anytime soon.

“Everything was going good and all of a sudden, the pilot was bringing the plane down. All of a sudden we're like ok we're stopped abruptly,” Glenda Conrad said, who was a passenger on the plane.

Everything was not smooth sailing for passengers on Allegiant Airlines flight 456 coming into the Sioux Falls airport Sunday morning.

“Saw the end of the runway coming up looking out the window. You could feel it kind of catching and sliding, catch and then slid. Seemed like we were coming in a little hot,” Lee Brixey said, who was a passenger on the plane.

A spokeswoman with Allegiant said the plane touched down where it was supposed to on the runway, but the snow and wind caused it to slide off.

“It sounds like this was something that was different maybe than what we expected. Our crew does a good job of navigating those kinds of conditions,” Allegiant Spokeswoman, Hilarie Grey said.

Other planes were delayed from landing as the runway was shut down, while passengers were evacuated by bus back to the terminal.

“Our husbands and daughters and children have all been texting us and saying, ‘Are you on the ground yet are you guys all ok?’ Yes,” Conrad said.

“It wasn't bad. A little hysteria especially once we stopped. Everybody kind of started laughing some applause for a moment,” Brixey said.

Many passengers agreed that during the difficult landing, the pilot and crew stayed calm.

“They all did excellent. I would give them an a plus rating,” Conrad said.

While this incident delayed several flights, the Sioux Falls Regional Airport Executive Director said others were also canceled or delayed because of the dangerous winter weather.

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