People taking notice of local church's 'cross equals love' signs around town

Published: Apr. 11, 2017 at 5:38 PM CDT
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This week, leading up to Easter Sunday, many people around Sioux Falls are taking notice of three symbols that read 'cross equals love', † = ♥.

Perhaps you've seen them too.

It's a message the New Life Church in downtown Sioux Falls hopes to spread. In fact, KSFY News caught up with Pastor Alexander Klimchuk who told us people are asking and wondering about the symbols. They drive around town, spot billboards, yard signs and it makes their day better, Klimchuk says, or draws them into his church.

"If I were to put the message of the whole bible, 66 books into 3 symbols it would be cross = love. It's a message of hope," Alexander Klimchuk said.

He says members of New Life Church spread that message with their involvement and 'pay it forward' mentality all over the community.

For more information about the church, location and Easter worship times, visit the related links section of this page.