Pilot's family treks to Sioux Falls to recognize dream at Air Show

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SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KSFY) - The Sioux Falls Air Show has landed in Sioux Falls for another year showing off aircraft of all kinds this weekend. Thousands watched as planes did flips and tricks also showing the real life of a serving pilot.

Courtesy Stacy Barnes

It was the Power on the Prairie that had thousands oohing and awing from their seats, but one family is proud to see their family member fly a C-17 after it only being a dream.

Thunderbirds jet through the sky over a crowd of thousands. C-17 pilot Adam Schubert’s family drove six hours to see him fly. His biggest fans being everyone that was on that bus.

"We wanted to get as many family and friends here as we could and so with my dad, Tim Schubert, owning Trobec's Bus Service we were lucky enough that we got to get a bus going," Adam’s cousin, Becca Schubert said.

Driving that bus down reunited the family with people they haven't seen since 1987. Adam’s dad Gary Schubert thanking Sioux Falls for that.

Adam Schubert received his first flight at the age of four in Nome, Alaska.

"From then on it was fly and all he wanted to do was fly," Gary said.

"He would ride his bicycle out to the local airport in Fairbanks and he just loved it," Adam’s mom, Shari Schubert said.

Adam’s living his dream now. His sister Jenna Rowland attending plenty of air shows, but in awe over this one.

"That's what makes it more special above any of the other ones I’ve ever attended," Rowland said.

Adam’s passion as a pilot is what keeps him going.

"Ever since I was little I mean that's all he did when I was growing up with him," Becca said.

Men and women who serve the U.S. demonstrated Saturday what they do in real life. Adam loved supporting the troops. His uncle served as well with his father Gary too.

All men and women flew Saturday serving their country.

"It maybe makes me appreciate more what all these folks do," Gary said.

"Seeing Adam fly a C-17 was incredible. There was a huge fan base for him here today. We are so proud of him," Becca said.

We weren't able to speak with Adam on camera, but Adam’s father Gary tells KSFY News that a lot of pilots have to have a burning desire to fly since it does take discipline and training.

Sunday is the last day to attend the air show. Gates open at 8:30 a.m. with shows starting at 11 a.m.