Pizza Ranch in Mobridge raising money for animal organization in Australia

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Numerous items will be raffled off Friday night at the Pizza Ranch in Mobridge. The money raised will go towards helping the endangered koalas in Australia.

"What sparked me to do this was a video that I saw with a koala reaching out to a human for more water, and I thought this is really sad," Lisa Briggs, the Store Manager at the Pizza Ranch in Mobridge said.

The staff at that Pizza Ranch is working to help the animals affected by the bush fires in Australia.

"We fell in love with the idea, we thought it was a neat idea, and we had a lot of sympathy in our hearts," Gary Steuck, the Owner of the Pizza Ranch in Mobridge said.

"I know we can't save all of them, but I'm just hoping to at least send them enough to know that South Dakota cares," Briggs said.

The restaurant has teamed up with local businesses to collect items for the auction. One of those businesses getting involved is the Oster Funeral Home.

"If somebody needs something from our funeral home, we give back, we donate you name it," Taylor Oster, one of the Owners of Oster Family Funeral Homes said.

Aside from enjoying the pizza, the funeral home owners work with Pizza Ranch on multiple fundraisers.

"It's fantastic that we're all coming together and helping out," Oster said.

Briggs, Oster and everybody helping make this happen all happen hope to accomplish one thing.

"I would really like to be able to send the Wildlife Warriors a really nice check with a nice card for them, wishing them well for everything they've done for these animals," Briggs said.

The Pizza Ranch team is hopeful this campaign can raise at least $4,000.